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Pit of the Fruit

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9 November
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do you hear that heli - copter?
flying overhead?
shaking all my windows in their
unsturdy frames
creaking like a broken promise
west to east and dipping south
to cover up the things you'll never stop hating.
with that wholesome nice-girl image
so, I'll turn to you,
my silent matriarch
and ask you to speak to me
to let it all come flooding out
no thank you, he says
without words.
13, acoustic guitars, affection, art, artistic freedom, astrology, aurora, baths, beauty, billy corgan, black, bowling pins, breathing, bubbles, caffine, candles, cari-knit purses, chess, color, color dreams, comfortable silence, creativity, creeps, culture, d'arcy, dancing, darkness, depression, desire, devotion, dollhouses, drama, drawing, edgar allan poe, edward sissorhands, emotion, euphoria, faith, fate, female figure, finding me, fire, fishhooks, flying, foo fighters, foriegn films, free speech, friends, frowns, fuzz, girl-interrupted, good literature, happiness, helicopters, humane society, idealists, ignorance, illusions, individuals, insanity, james iha, jokers, karma, kisses, knowledge, laughter, learning, life, lightening, love, lust, lyrics, maleficent, maynard, mercury, mermaids, music, my invisable soapbox, nature, need, neptune, nerds, nirvana, nooses, ocean, outerspace, outsiders, painting, personality, philosophy, photography, poe, poetry, pretending, puerto rico, queens, radiohead, rain, reading, romance, rotten plums, sadness, sculpture, seattle, serial experiment lain, shaved peaches, sight, sleeping beauty, smashing pumpkins, smiles, snow, soul, soul-less eyes, spades, speaking my mind, spiders, stalkers, starlight, stories, storms, sugar, suicide kings, sunrise, sunset, supernatural, talent, taste, the moon, the seemingly strange, the spotlight, the wizard of oz, theatre, tim currey, touch, tragedy, traveling, uncanny zodiac, venus, vh1, vintage green eyes, voice, volunteering, webs, weeping willows, wishes, writing

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