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burnt flesh, Mmm.

oh, to bask in a sweet Mexican sun.

Apparently there´s an internet-room thing here, so wasting my parent´s pesos I decided to hop online for awhile.

3 more days.

You´d think it´d be easier to find Virgin Mary items, but no. The search goes on. The market here is also a replicant of the one in Rio Piedras. It was weird absorbing the sights and sounds of something that was so every-day for me when I was 9. and there´s a distinct lack of cowboys around here. and thongs for that matter.

I really have turned into a gringa. So sad, it makes me uncomfortable. But, what can you do?

The beds here are really damned hard. Like sleeping on sheet-rock. I´ve had really (scary)dreams-nightmares. And it´s really hard to find keys on the spanish keyboard.

I miss you guys so much. This homesick thing.. really brings down my vacation time. Hm. Well, love to all. I´ll be home soon.
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