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I just want to crawl under your skin, and rest.

a week of buildup. of all the things I want to tell you but don't know how. I want to describe to you all the houses I've ever lived in. Or how I've never felt freer than floating aimlessly between the waves of a warm Pacific Ocean. How much of a rush I get out of being picked up and thrown by an element of nature so much more powerful than myself? That diving under the surface of a breaking wave, sinking between the weightlessness.. makes me feel better about myself than any other thing I've known? That away from you, away from everyone makes me realize how much of you is all tucked into me. And uncovering everything you don't know about me, it makes me wonder how much I don't know about you. Do you know how good it feels to me to curl my toes in warm bleached sand? To hear the echos of a language I long lost touch with? Do you know how much I love you? How much you crawl into my thoughts when they're not focused elsewhere? I hate being tongue-tied around you.. because honestly.. you're the only one I don't lose faith in.
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