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these are the things I'll remember most

I'll be gone in 5 hours.
for 7 days to waste away under a Mexican sun.
maybe I'll stumble across some life-shifting, mind blowing realization away from it all..
but I'm guessing not.

I spent tonight with my boys. It was... interesting? A lot of tension. sexual and otherwise. But, that's not uncommon.

it's that 8th grade syndrome all over again.
everything revolves around a maybe.

hm.. well.. yeah. I think I'm gonna go take a shower now so I won't have to at 4 am.

oh, and if anyone wants to love me enough to meet me at the airport when I come home,
we come back monday @ 10:09 pm flight 425 from LA on Alaska Airlines.
I'm not expecting anyone, seen as it'll be 10 pm on a school night.

goodnight sweets, have a good spring break.
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