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getting it out is the only way to heal

so, I've been doing too much thinking for my own good,
and I've realized the reasons behind this diluted sadness.

I can't articulate it without it sounding unbelievably petty.

But, believing too hard in something un-tangible leaves me in the dust. When the hope whittles away, it leaves me with only me. And forced to look at myself, unmasked. Un-ridiculed. I don't know, the truth burns. I don't need you blowing it in my face.

in less than 35 hours I'll be gone for a week.
I know that missing you leaves me with wanting more.
That missing you kills the things off in me that hold me to reality.
and I go on striving for the shores beyond the sea of dreams.
but sadly, I always lose the fight.
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