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I feel the shift in direction, but I don't want to turn my head

it's good to vent to Emma.

it seems a lot of things are in the static right now..
you know, that fuzzy in-between feeling?
where everything is about to change flavors
and everyone's kinda standing on edge?

maybe it's just me.

maybe it's just you and me.

the cool welding lady e-mailed me back and offered to take my art class on a field trip to Clark and talk about metal sculpture. I'll have to talk to McKinney about it, but it sounds cool. and I'm excited for our new visual art project. The only thing I'm unsure of is whether or not I can pull off drawing teeth. Or rather, painting teeth realistically.

eh.. trial and error.

A Hapy (51 minutes early) Birfday to Thorsy, you studmuffin seventeen year old, you!
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