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a seemingly simple symphony of epiphany

maybe it's just a big reassurance thing. Ooo, there goes that person growth thing again. Leap! Bound!

so today's adventures have led to the following conclusions:

* next year I'm going to do Running Start night classes, and take a welding class so I, too, can make rad 7 ft. tall art to decorate my front yard with

* next year I might be the editor of Lit Mag, which would be very rad

* I'm psyched for April and I's junior project, and Lagsdin is going to bring in obscure magazines for me to look at

* 40's girls are without a doubt the most beautiful and delicate creatures on earth. and the fashion is rockin.

* I find myself related more and more to Fiona Apple lyrics

* Teachers become excellent mentors around 5:30 pm. and opening up to one leaves you feeling a lot more positive about yourself and your future. Not to mention your hair color.
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