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in a dream we are connected.

so, dear me,
you need to:
write Karen a big fat assed letter about your life tomorrow
and then mail it
also, find a good picture of you to send to her.
because that would be nice.
and maybe some pictures of your friends.
and tell her that she should get her ass sent up here
because you still miss her more than you're willing to admit to yourself.
and you're letting that whole part of you die off. and we don't like it when you let parts of you die off, because it makes you feel empty and then you drive yourself crazy with wondering why.
and you know damned well you're going to regret it when you're 36 years old and can't find her address.

I have a blister on my finger from the glue gun attacking me during visual art.
it hurt, but not as much as it could have.
Mmm, pus.

also - I was in a bad mood earlier. mostly because I was disapointed in him for disapointing me for having expectations and being disapointed. Ha, that made no sense. Quit it before you hurt yourself, and steer clear of things that will boil your flesh for a few days.

something smells like raw hamburger.
it's making me nauseous.
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