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useful as a one-legged man in an arse-kicking contest

I feel like writing. So, I'm going to sit hereand type until I find something better to do. Like math. I have a negative grade in that class. Well, at least a zero. And I ain't planning on taking no test tomorrow neither. Neh-ha. Watch me totally not spell check this. mu-wa-ha. So, yeah. 10 days til el Mexico. I kinda wish I was staying still. But, hell another country to conquer and I suppose I can round people up for a road trip anytime now. Which, 3rd week of April I'm gonna steal my boys and take em to Tacoma. I still have to call Sally about that. and we get to drive up like big kids and have fun. Wow. Things are gonna be diffrent now, huh? I mean, in a lot of directions but. This whole silence for a week thing is really limiting my livejournal creativity. Sara and I were playing with our ghetto digital camera that won;t work on any of our 3, count em, 3 computers. We took funny pictures, but I'm going to have to steal Carl's comp to get them off the memory card. I think this weekend Jonny and I are going to go to the art muesum, which will be wonderous. Karen's birthday is on the 23rd. I'm made at myself for losing contact, so I think I'm going to write her a long-assed letter and shove it in a card tomorrow. Maybe I'll write it during MIA cause I'll have nothing better to work on. My throat is still sore, but I think I'll come to school anyway. I have to remember to get money out of my Mom for dinner tomorrow. I'll be at school for 12 hours. 9 am to 9 pm. What in the hell is up with that? I suppose everyone else on Lit Mag staff is the same way, but it still bites. You know, I've always loved, or at least liked school. I think it was to get away from my family for awhile. Which is probably why I absolutely hated being in some of the same classes as my sister when I was little. I doubt anyone will read this, or comment. Sometimes, it just feels good to babble about things to do, and things that don't matter, although I'll probably wander onto subjects that do. I'm glad I'm smart enough not to ask. I'm smart enough to work it to get what I want to know out of him without being crushed. But, the desire still rests. Hasn't it always? Yes. Rain check this. Has anyone evernoticed that the virgin Mary is stepping on a snake? She has her foot sticking out from under her smashing the snake just below it's head. It makes sense though, the whole eve + apple thing. Smash the sin I suppose. Sometimes I wish I were religious. Even that cheesy religion I made up in the 5th garde just to have something to get through the nights. I used to be paranoid all the time. Afraid, mostly. Of things attacking me. Dark things, I guess. You know those shapes in the darkness you can barely make out, and they end up being a sock on your floor when you turn on the light? Yeah, that would happen to me constantly, except when I turned on the light, there was nothing there. So, yeah. I suppose me being psychiotic started at a younger than most age. There were a lot more examples of paranoia like that. Big imagination I suppose. I used to think I was afraid of death, but I think it was more of a silence/solitude thing I was afraid of. anyways, back to making up my religion. It was kind of silly, looking back. I spoke to god, as in a one on one basis. and I figured, since he was omni-present he could here me just as well outloud as in my head, so I spoke to him in my head. and I did the whole catholic hand over chest thing, but I said diffrent phrases. Something along the line of Mind, body, heart and soul; god protect me young to old. Heh. I know it rhymed. Hell, people start religions all the time. The only diffrence was that I didn't have a following. Hail the prophet Erin, right? ah, no. We used to stay at lighthouses all the time too. We haven't since we moved to Vancouver, but it was rad. I was always afraid of ghosts. My dad told me once that ghosts are lazy, because if you tell them/ask them to do a chore, it never gets done. So, in the middle of the night I would yell, "DO THE DISHES! DUST! SWEEP! VACCCUM! WASH THE WINDOWS!" until my parents came in. haha, funny. I was an odd child, and now I'm an odd teenager. and suddenly it all makes sense.. hmm, no. not really. hee. yeah, I really want to get rid of my bed + back problems. which I think are directly related. Anyone that has sat on my bed probably understands. yeah, that whole, what? inch of foam and plywood just isn't working out for me. Plus it's so damned 70's and ugly. I don't think any 7th grader had good taste, and I shouldn't be held accountable for my lack of. I just want a normal, boring bed. So, I can make the rest of my room, well, livable. sitable, is a better word. workable. Bleh. Bring on the fresh prince, Parents just don't understand. SAAAA-SEALA, you're breaking my heart. oh, yes. Simon and Garfunkel. See? I've got some cool breeded into me, music-wise I mean. It's mostly blues and jazz background. which I appreciate, but know nothing about. I long for talent. but, talent comes with practice. and practice means drive, and effort. which I have neither. So, instead I'll wish that my fingers knew what to do and I'll go on writing, and trying to draw and such. I wonder how long I've been writing. Not as in time, as in how long this will look on my journal. Maybe I'll stick it under private so it doesn't burden the friend's lists of the people who have me on their friends list.. But I suppose if I'm on your friends list you're somewhat interested in hearing what I have to say, so whatever, eat this. I wish I had some balls/theatre talent when it came to performing my poetry. I just.. read. ha. well, whateva. I'll think about it harder next time. I like Carl's idea about people acting out the piece behind the writer. Actually, I really like it. I think I'll store it away in my head for the next time a lit arts assembly comes up. Ha, I've been in every one since I started going to the Arts school. Come to think, I'll need to pull my public speaking skills out for the Tolerance assembly. I'm doing the intro. Hurrah, Erin. I still need to actually sit down and write it. Rehearsals/ 2nd Auditions are going to be during lunch/advo on the 26th of March. I need to meet with Barnes again to figure out a date, and I have to show up at a fact. meeting to explain to them why it's important. Hoooo boy. oh, and I totally destroyed my good movie streak by watching Charlie's Angels on Thursday. I don't know what I was thinking. Maybe it's the fact that I wasn't that's more of an issue. Ewwww. TV shows made into movies are never, never, never good. If anyone can prove me wrong, I'll uh.. bring them a Capri Sun. I mean, really prove me wrong. Not, "uh, the Brady Bunch Movie was alright. " And Muyppet movies don't count. Hmm, I'm betting.. zero comments. haha. Funny how some people are all like.. "waaaaah, I get like no comments anymore, does that mean, I'm like, boring or something?" whatever. I'm as exciting as watching yer grandmuh stick her spit dripping finger into a electical socket. Hooo, yeah. That's right. I think the time has come, my friends and foes, to end this babble-worthy post. Hmm, yes. ok, goodnight to me. (click)
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