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today's adventure

so, got up at 7
decided that I couldn't breathe well enough to get onstage
and went back to sleep
got back up at 11
and decided I could function well enough to prevent a carl beating
and I was well enough to drive to school
so I took a shower, got ready,
and got to school in time for the last 10 minutes of Bio
dumdedum - read my poem on stage
only got nervous in the middle of it when I realized what the hell I was doing
which is an improvement over the last, 3? 4? times
but, I got nice clappings and it was good
and I'm proud of my Carl-o, cause he did a marvelous job
and Adi rocked the house

so if y'all are interested in hearing more poetry/ guitar stuff
show up tomorrow night @ 7 pm

Plus, I have faith that Core will work out
and this makes me a happy bunny, much like Emma's purse.
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